Social Responsibility

Zijiang Holdings has long taken “serving the country through industry, developing the country through science and education” as its responsibility for a long time, highlighting a synergistic development of economic and social benefits. Zijiang Enterprise, the listed company, stands fast to the industry, keeps a creative spirit, and stays honest with its employees, clients and suppliers. Zijiang also plays an active role in protecting the environment and participating in public welfare undertakings to promote harmonious development of itself and the whole society. It makes every effort to create higher value for all its shareholders and provides cash bonus for them on a yearly basis.

We have always attached great importance to educational investment. In 1994, Zijiang Holdings established Shanghai Zijiang Hope Primary School in Ji’an County Jiangxi Province all by itself,; and in 1999, Zijiang set up Zijiang Educational Development Foundation in East China Normal University (ECNU) to sponsor Zijiang Scholar initiative. Furthermore, we also subsidized Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) and ECNU when they were moving entirely into Zizhu High-Tech Park.

/ Zijiang Foundation
Shanghai Zijiang Foundation is a non-public foundation established with the approval of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. The startup capital, RMB 20 million, is donated solely by Mr. Shen Wen, Chairman and President of Zijiang Holdings.
Since its inception in 2015, Zijiang Foundation has been committed to providing resources and support to charity and innovations. Aligning with visionary foundations, enterprises, universities, and scholars, we have been exploring the best way to promote the awareness and practices of charity. Zijiang Foundation, concerned about innovative charity talent education, has launched Shanghai Jiao Tong University Socially Responsible Investment Fund and East China Normal University Charity Talent Development Fund.